ZOTUTORIAL at a glance

zotutorial or the abbreviation of the zona tutorial is a site that is managed personally with single admin, which contains interesting information and tutorials that are shared to educate the wider community to increase literacy and reading interest regarding knowledge of technology, computers and other interesting information with understanding basic information that is conveyed so that it is easy for readers to understand wherever they are.

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We hope that zotutorial.com can be a medium of information, problem solving, and inspiration for everyone. This site is constantly being developed and if the readers themselves still feel less about the information presented by this site, we are aware of it.

Zotutorial.com always opens and expects constructive criticism and suggestions from readers for the common good in the future. We also realize that there are still many shortcomings and errors in conveying words such as Typo, both in writing, language, graphics or others.

In the future, there will be more and more quality and interesting articles, tutorials and tips presented on this site. If you have questions, suggestions and input or cooperation for this website, you can send an E-mail message via the form on the Contact Us page.